School Challenge


Madeleine, Andrew and Lucas visited Cholsey Primary School in October to explain the Eye Project, the Baking Challenge and launch the School Challenge.

The children of Giraffe Class, aged 7 to 9, who last term were learning all about Kenya, watched in excitement and for some, disgust, as Andrew used his mobile phone to look at the back of Madeleine’s eye. The kids could all see her eye on the phone screen and came out with great comments such as, “wow, is that her brain?” “I can see veins”, “that’s gross, it looks like squashed oranges”, “uuugh, is it full of jelly?”

They each then had a go with solar powered ophthalmoscopes (devices for looking at the eye) to look at each others eyes close up.  Following this, Madeleine chatted to the kids about what we can do to live a healthy life. The clever kids suggested exercise, eating fruit and vegetables and of course good bread…. The hint was the freshly baked loaf wafting round the classroom. They also discovered how to choose healthy bread. Madeleine explained that making our own bread and choosing wholemeal flour makes healthy and tasty bread that avoids the extra additives put into factory produced bread and that wholemeal retains more of the natural vitamins and minerals in flour. A short master class on how to make bread with flour, water, yeast and salt was conducted with some very good answers from the kids on how yeast works.

The School Challenge was then launched and all of giraffe class were able to try ‘White cottage loaf’,  the loaf was literately just out the oven as we left the house…. very fresh and still warm!  Andrew got all the class to smell (with their eyes closed) and feel their piece of bread and look at the holes the yeast had created before eating it.  Lovely comments like ’10/10′, ‘this is really yummy’ ‘I love pumpkin seeds’ ‘I’m going to make this at home’!  were shared. There seemed to be much enthusiasm and already some very exciting ideas for a winning loaf were being discussed!

The Challenge:

Was to design a nutritious loaf of bread with ingredients from Kenya for the project team.


Gold – Will sponsor 6 people who are blind in the eye project to have sight-restoring surgery

Madeleine will bake the winning loaf for the Kenyan project team and photos of the baked loaf and the team enjoying it will be put on this blog.

Silver – Will sponsor 4 people to have surgery

Bronze – Will sponsor 2 people to have surgery 

Congratulations to our winners: Poppy, Robert and Molly!

Fig and Walnut Spelt Bread

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