Running for Eye Care

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We have been living in Kenya since October 2012, establishing and running a project which we hope will reduce blindness.

285 million people worldwide suffer with visual impairment, of whom 39 million are blind. 80% of all blindness is curable or preventable and the majority (90%) of those blind worldwide live in low-income countries. Being blind reduces life span and quality, is a burden on those required to support the blind individual, this often falls on children who consequently miss out on an education and opportunities to break free of poverty.

We have commenced a project which will help us understand how many people are blind, why they are blind and where they live. Using this information appropriate healthcare can be put in place to prevent further unnecessary suffering.

Money raised will be used to provide free treatment to the 3,000 or so people we are examining as part of the study, and others living in the 100 study areas, many of whom will benefit greatly from surgery, eye drops or glasses. We have developed a package for cataract surgery (includes transport, accommodation, food, surgery and follow up) for around £40, this is the most common cause of people being blind. We will also provide glaucoma treatment, laser for diabetic eye disease and glasses for those who need them.

Losing vision is scary and debilitating. We will challenge ourselves by running a 10km race wearing a blindfold (5km each with the other as a guide).

Help us if you are able, either by joining us for the run (you don’t have to be blind folded), raising awareness, sponsoring us or any other way you feel inspired to be involved.

Thank you all for your support.

Andrew, Madeleine and Lucas

Click here to be involved

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Our fellow crazies who are running with us – superstars all of them:

Jon, Matt and Dave Harrison, Maz Bastawrous and Daniel Walters, Matt and Caroline Armstrong, Kat Cook and Lisa Ashford.


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