Baking Challenge

In October 2012, Madeleine, Andrew and toddler Lucas move to Nakuru in Kenya.

Andrew is heading up a project to help reduce blindness in Kenya which  involves retracing 5,000 people spread throughout the Rift Valley.  These people live in over 100 locations (known as clusters).

Madeleine and Lucas head up Motivation for the Project Team, this will involve…

The Challenge – 100 different bakes to be enjoyed by the Project Team on return from each successfully completed location.



Mummy, Daddy and toddler marinaded in immunisations approximately 3 months before attempting recipe.

Heavy and expensive eye equipment, Kenwood Mixer, Coffee, culture shock, loads of fruit, safari, liberal dash of mosquito repellent and a generous glug of humour.


Bake at an altitude of 1,992 meters, at a temperature of 25°C for approximately one year (African time). Allow to cool, eat in bite size portions…. enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Baking Challenge

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  2. very nice to see the pics mad!!! so wonderfull , its amazing the work that you are doing, blessing for all of you!!! nice family!!! xxx

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