Hot cross bakehouse buns… Linked by sourdough

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Madeleine insisted this was a good idea, running two Easter sourdough family baking classes with St Mary’s in the Cholsey Pavilion, inviting eight adults and eleven kids ranging from 5 months to 12 years, getting their hands deep in sourdough and making warm sourdough hot cross buns, sourdough bread and marzipan chicks. I had to remind Madeleine that having a cup of tea with a young child around can be challenging, never mind preparing and running a baking course. In the end, despite being exhausted and requiring Liz our resident vet to use her surgical kit to unblock the drains from dough, everyone had a great dough filled time and between us churned out some lovely baking. Mine apparently was not so lovely and the boss recommended I work on my technique.

IMG_9046  IMG_9085


Meanwhile, 4,000 miles away, the incredible Ujima Bakehouse staff were busy baking through the night to produce fresh bread for the morning. In the same way I was personally challenged (and will probably stick to eating baked goods rather than preparing them) by the baking course, the team in Kenya have had problems to overcome. We are not yet running smoothly but a good start has been made. The Maili Saba Wild has become a regular order for a couple of the schools and after two months hard at work the bakehouse team were able to make their first contributions to the Ujima Foundation and St Mary’s Eye Unit.

We’ve seen time and time again how the world is so diverse and yet so linked, as we refresh the starter that originally came from the E5 Bakehouse (Ujima Bakehouse’s partner bakery – see Ben in action in the video linked at the top) to make the dough for our course, the same starter is being used in Kenya. Any money made on the courses is going to support the Bakehouse and the Bakehouse are now supporting eye care – where it all began a long time ago…

The Bakehouse team in action

IMG-20150322-WA0006 IMG-20150320-WA0002 IMG-20150322-WA0007

The Bakehouse team handing over a cheque to the Eye team (Eye-Bake-Kenya)


Happy Easter!

One thought on “Hot cross bakehouse buns… Linked by sourdough

  1. I love how you are using the same starter in both countries … how did you smuggle it past customs!?!? 🙂 Very, very happy for you all, and very proud to know you. Elmien x

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