Heading back to Kenya…

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4am: “Is it morning?”

“No Lucas, it’s the middle of night, go back to sleep”

“Can we go to Kenya now?”

We never got back to the sleep, the house in chaos, our plans of packing early never happened and a three year old beside himself with excitement about going back to Kenya.

The excitement, anticipation and frustration over the last few days has resulted in Lucas become an untameable ball of energy leaving general destruction in his wake: unfinished conversations, piles of toys and clothes, unpacking packed bags and leaving us no time to think.

We got out for a drink in a café near home (Lucas had somehow decided to be an angel for the dentist so this was his treat) when Elena started crying for milk, only at this point, having not had a moment to think all week, did I realise I was inappropriately dressed wearing a knee length knitted jumper dress that required me to practically strip off to give her some milk…

We are on our way back to the country that became our home for the first time since completing the eye project and the baking challenge, and this time, we are four.

There is a bakery to open, old friends to hug and a new eye project starting

Before we get there we have to somehow encourage our constipated four-month old daughter to shift one before we get on the plane (we don’t want a repeat of the Lucas poonami incident [link chocolate log]), she is becoming increasingly agitated as we attempt to pack, we try massaging her abdomen, filling her up with milk, singing rhymes that we think might for some reason encourage a bowel motion, all the while Lucas is chomping at the bit and becoming more and more like a caged animal.

After lunch, granddad arrives. He is kindly taking us to the airport and has picked up some oven insulation that Ben the baker requested. It is a little bigger than we’d anticipated. Oversized baggage here we come. Elena still hasn’t pooped and the situation is getting concerning. We are half packed, it’s time to go, Elena is threatening us with making a huge mess on the plane, we have oversized luggage including a bag full of phones, gadgets, tractors and two large rolls of insulating wool for the oven.


Eventually we make out the door and head to Heathrow. Once through security our flight was being called but we figured we had at least 20 minutes before we needed to get on. Time for us to enjoy a much anticipated coffee and a breather at Carluccio’s.

We all sit down together, almost smug that we had made it through with no dramas, our coffees arrive and simultaneously Elena decides to release the biggest poo of her young life so far. Her nappy made a poor attempt at containing the escaped four day build up, it had somehow managed to find its way over every part of her body, hair included. Normally this would call for a dunk in the bath but with our flight being called and Lucas now deciding he wanted to do a wee (nearest toilet a two minute run away) we left our coffees to go cold so we could split the workload and deal with the delights nature had brought us.

Lucas takes his time to piddle, the days of “Are we going on the plane now?” seemingly forgotten at the very moment we do need to be getting on NOW. Despite an impressive effort using baby wipes, our beautiful little girl has a baby poo yellow tinge.

The relaxing drink and moment to reflect before what is undoubtedly going to be an emotional return never happened, we made it to the desk, no queues, just the familiar look of flight crew impatiently waiting for us to get on the plane.