Everything seems to happen at once…

We find ourselves lost in the miracle that is our beautiful baby girl, staring at her face and being overjoyed when she smiles back at us. Then we turn around to see boxes everywhere, emails arriving by the bucket load, builders calling about the work on our new home, a film crew asking if they can film us baking in our house that doesn’t really resemble a place that people live in and we stick the kettle on, brew some coffee and enjoy the ride…

I think it would be fair to say that our lives have in no way settled in to any kind of rhythm or normality, but then again we haven’t been looking for it. This is a brief recap of the last couple of weeks:


Following the amazing support of friends and family pushing hard for us to win the Mazda grant, the film crew who will be following up on the work with Peek, the Bakery, Ujima and St Mary’s Hospital called to ask if they could do a little interview at our home and get some action shots of us baking.

Normally (not that this is a normal happening anyway!) that would have been absolutely fine. However, it was the day before we were due to move home, we had a baby who was not yet 6 weeks old, the house we were moving in to was covered in paint, plaster, tools and the flat we were moving out of had boxes being unpacked by Lucas in search of his tractor-digger faster than we could pack. To complicate matters a little further, Andrew was in Mexico (another story for another day) until the day before they were due to come round.

At the same time, the renovations for the Bakery were getting close to completion and flights had been booked for Ben (possibly the most amazing Baker on the planet and dubbed the “Jamie Oliver of baking” by the film crew) from the e5 Bakehouse to fly out to Kenya and start training the team.

The film crew, who are a great bunch of guys and seem to have got to the core of what we are trying to do, visited us in the depth of our chaos and spent several hours filming as the Lucas show took over. His mastery in the kitchen ended up absorbing most of the time as he cracked eggs, scattered flour and educated everyone on the multiple types of farm machinery and tractors that can drive through piles of flour. A set of short (2 minute) documentaries are being made on the progress of the bakery, eye care and the various strands involved and this was filmed as an intro to them.

Ben and the film crew were to fly out on the Saturday and a timely message popped up on our phones on the Friday (the day we moved home) notifying us that the renovations for the bakery building had been completed.

We looked at each other, so excited and relieved that progress was being made. Equally, we know that there are no guarantees this will work but we will work as hard as we can to support the team who are making it possible.

We’ve had regular reports from Kenya this week. Ben has been training the team and it seems that things are working well so far. This Tuesday (tomorrow) the much anticipated delivery of the equipment is expected. This is no simple job. The 4-deck oven ways a ton and the road to the bakery is really tough going. Then there is the issue of if we can fit the equipment in to the building with out having to take a wall down. We will let you know how it goes…honestly I feel nervous!

We have managed to start unpacking and our house is starting to feel like home, at the same time, the dream of a bakery that supports the community is beginning to look more like it may be a dream come true?


At home with the Bastawrous family…  lucas

Training at the Ujima Bakehouse

bakery2 bakery

Bakery renovations being completed

IMG-20141109-WA0000 IMG-20141115-WA0005 IMG-20141115-WA0010 IMG-20141115-WA0019


Moving house

IMG_20141114_115019 IMG_20141114_135117

5 thoughts on “Everything seems to happen at once…

  1. congratulations! you are an amazing mother, baker and a wonderful example of enjoying life to the fullest taking on all challenges with an expectation of ease and possibility! so pleased to hear how things are developing for the bakery and for you and Andrew and PEEK! well done you two!! Marcia

    >>> Eye Bake – Kenya 24/11/2014 21:47 >>> toddleradventure posted: ” We find ourselves lost in the miracle that is our beautiful baby girl, staring at her face and being overjoyed when she smiles back at us. Then we turn around to see boxes everywhere, emails arriving by the bucket load, builders calling about the work o”

  2. Having Ben stay with us for three days was amazing. I hope he pops back by before he leaves next week! He taught me loads. Thank you so much for the showers! We are using them everyday so far! Also, thank you for the malaria kits and pizza peel!! I know those items are so expensive! I really appreciate them! I hope you are settling in your house now! Much love sweet sweet friend. kate

    Kate Brooks Founder of A Future and a Hope


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