Epiblog | Cluster 101


The sun has been up just half an hour, the air cool and as usual we met in town ready for one final eye clinic. However, there is no final eye clinic, we had already completed it the day before, the project is over but as far as the team believes, today is the final one. We have packed the van and gathered for what we have told everyone is a short one hour journey to set up the final clinic, business as usual. We move in convoy towards the Lake Nakuru Safari Park, a beautiful national park of Kenya that has been on our doorstep for so long but inaccessible to most who are not tourists. As we enter the gates the mumbles of surprise and questioning start. We arrive at the park gates and everyone is asked to leave the project bus and equipment van and get in to the three parked safari vehicles awaiting us. We are not going to work today, today is safari!















We enjoy a day searching for animals and admiring the beautiful lake before arriving at the Lodge for 5* service and food and a chance for us all to reminisce on the 18 months that have gone before and prepare for the next chapters in all of our lives.


In the aftermath of Cluster 101, there was very little time to sit back and soak in the fact that we had finally finished what we felt for so long was beyond our reach. There was a TED Talk to give and a Bakery to open before we moved back!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 22.52.36


In the week after TED, we spent our time between packing, goodbyes, moving eye equipment, acquiring bakery equipment and running a workshop at the Maili Saba Camp where the Ujima Bakery is soon to open.

Teaching some healthy recipes to the bakery team


Meet the Ujima Bakery Team



The Nakuru Eye Study equipment in its new home in Kitale for future Peek studies



The goodbyes…

Lucas and Elowyn


The Brookes Family (with 14 children!), we will miss them and other many close friends


The Eye Team and families – who made it all possible



There were so many good friends we said goodbyes to in those last two weeks, not something we enjoyed but we took heart from a wise nine year old boy who once said to us, “don’t be sad for the goodbyes you have to make, be happy for the times you had together”. We plan to be back in Kenya pretty regularly now to support the ongoing eye projects in Kitale and  St Mary’s Hospital, the Ujima Bakery and to see our friends who became our family.

We came with a dream of living in Kenya, completing an eye study and sharing our adventures through a blog about baking. We never expected the highs to be so high and the lows to be so low, neither did we dare to dream of all that has happened. Thanks to the amazing and inspiring people we have met in our time here we hope with the help of Peek so many more people will get access to eye care all over the world and that the Ujima Bakery will be a model of sustainable healthcare delivery with the community at the core of supporting itself. We will continue to dream…