Orange, Lemon and Pumpkin Kenya Cake | So nearly there | 1 to go…


As we get ever closer to completing the study, mixed emotions surface: gratitude, sadness that amazing people who have been part of our day to day life won’t be for much longer, exhaustion, excitement to be close to family and friends again, apprehension at the difficult good byes to our beautiful Kenyan family and friends. Change is inevitable but it is rarely easy.

Here are some statistics from our time in Kenya:

Disclaimer – all statistics are best approximations and subject to change (one village to go) 😉

4,381 study patients were attempted to be retraced from six years ago

Almost 2,200 were re-examined (many had moved or died)

Over 7,000 people (many non-study) have been examined and treated as needed

Approximately 400 hours have been spent travelling to and from clinics by the examination team

At least 300 of those 400 hours have not been on tarmac (the equivalent of more than 12 days continuously)

Stuck trying to reach the eye clinic: 17 times (5 minutes to three hours)

Over 1,000 hours have been spent on foot by the advance team retracing patients and using Peek in their homes

100 different recipes have been baked and delivered to the eye clinics

Around 8 bakes never made the field or the blog…

Approximately 50kg of flour have been used

Approximately 350 hours spent baking in the kitchen with the random temperature generator

Seven baking related burns, four requiring bed time ice

Cockroaches in the kitchen: too many to count

Power cuts: too many to count

220 hours spent blog writing 😉

Bakeries established: 1

400 dusty runs

1,300 cups of coffee (at least) consumed between us

Lucas has spotted and described in detail over one million tuk tuk’s and tractors

Lucas has lived most of his life in Kenya

We arrived as a family of three

We leave as a family of four in the making: Madeleine, Andrew, Lucas and bump (15 weeks)…


Recipe – Orange, Lemon and Pumpkin Kenya Cake


Cake mixture (This make one cake but I multiplied it by three for a large cake)

3 medium eggs

160g caster sugar

200g peeled and grated pumpkin

Finely grated zest of two oranges and two unwaxed lemons

150g white flour

50g ground cashews (almonds can be used as an alternative)

2tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Icing (Enough for the large cake)

100g butter

400g icing sugar

Zest of three lemons

50g ground almonds

Two large spoons of plain yoghurt


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C

2. Beat the eggs and sugar for five minute till pale and fluffy . Whisk in the grated pumpkin, orange and lemon zests, followed by the flour and and ground cashews, baking powder and salt and mix for another minute

3. Ladle the mixture in to a baking tin. I had to make this twice in the oven tray (only thing big enough) to layer it for sufficient height. Cook for around half an hour

4. Remove and cool on a wire rack

5. To make the icing beat the butter and gradually add in the icing sugar and other ingredients until soft.

6. Once cool, layer the two cake sponges and using a stencil of Kenya cut out the sponge (off-cuts would make a great trifle if your son and husband didn’t eat them all) in to the desired shape.

7. Smoothly cover in the icing and decorate.


Ooooh, tuk tuks



An amazing crescent moon with a small planet next to it.


An old Mzee (old man/grandfather) having his vision tested



LogMAR Tumbling E vision test for those of you who get excited by this kind of thing…



A mzee inviting us in to his home to be examined with Peek



10 thoughts on “Orange, Lemon and Pumpkin Kenya Cake | So nearly there | 1 to go…

  1. Well done all of you! The time has flown by and you are now preparing to come home! And with such lovely news of an addition to your family! Very exciting and congratulations! All the best as you prepare for this final part of the project, baking and goodbyes! See you soon. Marcia

  2. Oh my Goodness. What a time you have had. All you have achieved to better other people’s lives & all you have learned from a kind giving people. Plus all we (I) have leaned about a culture and way of life I could but imagine& of course the delicious bakes many of which we tried and enjoyed.
    I am so happy with you re wonderful news!!!!!!!!More exciting times ahead!
    Take care all & safe move home Xxxxx

  3. Massive massive congratulations!! You are so inspiring!! I love the stats, they made me chuckle. You had lots of tests along the way but got through them!! Lots of love, Ailsa xxxx

  4. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations on everything you have achieved and we are looking forward to catching up with you all (including the bump) when you are back in the UK.

  5. Amazing statistics – how did you fit it all in?
    And a thousand congratulations on ‘the bump’
    I shall miss your blog – so much that is so interesting
    Liz and Wilf

  6. Dear Andrew and Madeleine, just read you latest blog. We continue to praise God for all that has been done through you. Just delighted to hear about the 15 week old bump. Very many congratulations. Greatly looking forward to seeing you again.

  7. (almost) unbelievable!! What an amazing 18 months you’ve had – and shared with us all … well done for what you’ve done and continue to do, a wonderful achievement – and looking forward to seeing you all when you get home, love to you all, Dilys and David

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