Tarte au Citron | Advance team adventures


The seven seater van now has ten people squeezed in, three of them being the advance team and myself. We are heading to a village to prepare for next weeks clinic and I’m trying to get some insight in to how well Peek is working when they go door to door.

20140131_082000We pull over and thankfully let two people out, however before I have chance to get comfortable another five people squeeze in and we are literally layered on top of each other.


20140131_082104Half an hour later we climb off one another after a far too intimate a journey to have spent with strangers. We find a couple of motorbike taxis and arrive at the village to meet our guide.


Most houses were basic, single roomed homes made from mud or wood and in the corner would be some form of cooking apparatus. Usually a couple of bricks with a fire burning between them and an aluminium stove boiling up some water. The people we met were warm and generous and always wanting to share a cup of tea or cook us some vegetables. Time was tight however so we would have to pass, the usual time taken to prepare a cup of tea would be around half an hour and we had fifty people to find so had to decline.


It was fantastic seeing patients being examined in their own homes with Peek


One of the final homes we visited after ten hours in the blazing sun is one that will stick in my memory. A sweet old “sho-sho” or grandma in her late seventies was working away in her field and ran over to us with impressive athleticism to greet us with sturdy handshakes and hugs. She had a glint in her eye and a toothless smile that reminded me of my late grandmother in Egypt (my father’s mother) whom I had last seen as a teenager. We again would have loved to stay but were aware the last bus out of town was due to leave in half an hour and we had to get moving. Amazingly, above her head was a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger brandishing a dangerous looking weapon with the text underneath, “Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute” The last thing I expected to see in a rural village in Kenya, but then again, not much surprises us now.



Recipe – Tarte au Citron

As Passion Fruit Tart with the following changes for the filling:

Instead of passion fruit use four lemons, the juice and zest and whisk in with the other ingredients as with the passion fruit but you don’t need to sieve.

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