Kenyan-Italian cured ham and cheese bread twirl


“I do it on my own” Lucas is so excited as he plunges in to the pool with his two green arm bands hugging his little arms. He turns around and around somehow kicks his way across the pool!  We are in Malindi on the Kenyan coast, we had been told this place was beautiful and it sure meets up to expectations. This place is famous for the fresh fish, (Nakuru has a very limited range of fish, we can only find frozen tailapia or nile perch), however the day before we headed back to UK in July, Andrew became very sick after eating a fish curry and has been somewhat scarred by the experience. We were soon over it with the amazing variety of fresh fish, nice cheese, crispy pizzas and ice cream. Even the bread was at a much higher standard than in Nakuru. The Italian influence on the coast is certainly one we have been grateful for.

Our holiday home was overlooking the beach with direct access and Kat was much braver than us swimming in the sea every morning and facing the stinging jelly fish which stung her on three consecutive days.  Andrew and I stuck to a sweaty beach runs followed by a cool dip in the pool and fresh fruits salad washed down with a bucket of coffee every morning. At 2000m lower altitude than Nakuru the temperature is much hotter and the wildlife very different. Lucas had endless fun spotting  geckos, big big lizards and huge spiders. There were countless  TukTuks so Lucas was in his element getting a TukTuk to town for an ice cream (accompanied of course).

It was a much needed break with great friends that really came at the right time as we were all on the brink of exhaustion. We have been working hard at the business plan which is now eventually finished…well all 54 pages of the first complete draft , John has been very helpful in pushing this forward, exploring each element of the bakery business and has also encouraged us to think about the timescales and what is achievable before we move back to the UK and its long-term sustainability and growth.

These twirls were inspired by the local Kenyan-Italian deli that had cured hams and cheeses – delicious!

Recipe – Kenyan-Italian cured ham and cheese bread twirl



500g white bread flour
10g salt
7g yeast
340g water
Tbsp olive oil
Sprinkle cayenne pepper
150g 1cm cubed cheese
10 strips cured ham


1.Mix flour, salt, yeast and water.  Knead for 8minutes until smooth dough.
2. Leave to prove for 1.5 hours, then knock back and leave to prove for another hour.
3. Roll out on a floured surface about 40cm x 25cm. With your fingers spread the olive oil all over the dough, sprinkle over the cayenne pepper as desired followed by covering with the cured ham strips and sprinkled chopped cheese.
5.Roll up firmly from the longer side and seal the dough with a little water.
6.Cut onto slices about 3cm wide, place on a floured or non-stick tray and leave to prove for about 60-90mins until the dough does not spring back when you poke your finger in it. This process is improved if you place in a plastic bag. Egg wSh the tops before placing in the oven.
7.Bake at 220°C for about 15mins until a little colour. These ate very yummy warm and we made a veggie version with skinned garlic aubergine cubes.












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