Pitta Bread and Film making…


Pitta collage

“Karibu, karibu, karibu!” Susan sings to us as we enter her small mud walled home lined by newspaper cuttings and old school books which have been made in to decorations. Susan and her husband, great-grandparents, are typical of the people we meet in the rural parts of Kenya. They have little material wealth but still want to give us so much. She is holding a 4-month old baby as sadly the baby’s mother, Susan’s daughter, died last year. We squeeze on to an old sofa and she brings us a plate of boiled corn, freshly picked from the shamba.


We have come back to visit as we have a film crew with us who are making a mini-documentary on Peek project. The producer and director were excellent and took the time to listen to all the aspects of the project and were peppered with awesome baked goods throughout the day that Madeleine had prepared (croissants, pain au chocolat, almond crusted Madeleines, fresh bread), we were hoping we might persuade them to help promote Jamii Bakery when we get it up and running!

Joab using Peek at the patient’s home

joab using peek


Inspired by the visit of a film crew we decided to produce and direct our own little film…

Look out for the Great Kenyan Bake Off starring Lucas in next week’s blog – watch the BBC 2 trailer here today: (click on the image to watch it)

Recipe – Pitta Bread


Makes 8 or 9 

225g water

7g salt

6g dried yeast

450g all purpose flour

1 tbsp olive oil


1. Mix all the ingredients together

2. Knead for 8 minutes

3. Allow to prove for 90 minutes

4. Roll in to 8 or 9 rounds

5. With a rolling pin roll out the round in one direction only to create the typical pitta oval shape

6. Leave on a floured surface for 1 hour

7. Heat a dry pan on the hob

8. Cook each pitta for a couple of minutes on each side allowing the air pockets to develop and it to brown slightly

9. Enjoy with whatever filling takes your fancy!

The perfect pitta bread, thin, airy and delicious


Our eye clinic for the day – “The Oasis of Love Church”


2 thoughts on “Pitta Bread and Film making…

  1. I am so inspired by you guys, you are terrific!!!

    Mads, after your last visit and your helpful baking guidance I have finally made your rye bread which we had at the house group lunch…. The kids are hooked and so I had to bake another…. And it goes on!! This is the proof I said I’d send you !!! Love and blessings to you all, Emily x

    Sent from my iPad

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