Cath Kidston in Kenya and Seeded Rye Cheese Biscuits….


She’s an impressive looking lady with an air of authority about her. She comes very highly recommended as a dependable lawyer. We (Redempta, Madeleine, Andrew and Lucas) sit the other side of a large desk as we discuss registering Jamii Bakery as a legal entity in preparation for when the land clears. Next week we will get feedback on how to proceed and the paper work will begin!

We walk out of her office on to the main road. It is bustling with people and traffic, street sellers have ripe fruit, pad locks, watches and an assortment of random things. We feel so at home here now that these would have been the things we paid such attention to in our first months. As we traversed the busy street some kids come over asking to hold Lucas and I feel I’m getting nudged in all directions. They seem harmless enough and we walk on in pursuit of some fruit to take home. After buying a bag of apples Andrew notices my rucksack is open. I can’t believe it, my wallet has been lifted from my bag. Thankfully only bank cards and local ID (“Alien card”) were taken (all cancelled now). We let our guard down and were taken advantage of, to be fair it was my fault leaving it in the front pocket of my rucksack and its difficult keeping an eye on it when carrying Lucas.  We contemplated what drives kids to do such things. In many ways we can understand it, what would you do if you were 12, couldn’t pay to go to school, had no job prospects and had to survive?

busy street

We didn’t let the pickpocketing bring a downer on our day as we had met some wonderful people a few hours earlier…


Great news!  I’ve found a Cath Kidston equivalent in Kenya! Beautifully made kitchen items, aprons, gloves, tea towels and more. I saw them in a shop near our home and they instantly caught my eye, I took their name “Mango Patch” and looked them up online, then got in touch. These guys are great and have an amazing vision. All the products are hand made by local women who would otherwise be unemployed, they run a crèche for the kids so the mothers can work without having to spend their wages on childcare and amongst other things they offer monthly medical care. What we love is their commitment to not fall in to the trap of “mediocre is good enough for Africa.” They make beautiful, quality products that people want. The founders are an English couple working at an international school 45mins from here, they have established a business which gives back to the community on various levels. It seems Mango Patch and Jamii Bakery could be a wonderful marriage! I’m already picturing beautiful hand-made uniforms and table decorations…


Check them out at if you would like any of their products let us know and we can bring them back for you in July.  Just as nice as Cath Kidston but very ethical, handmade and Kenyan!


The week ended with roast goat (every part of it) which we enjoyed with the team, well deserved for all their hard work these last weeks. Intestines and goat’s head broth were served up. Madeleine mistook the broth for tea and almost vomited. The broth was aptly described as smelling like rotten damp dog. Not one to have with a nice biscuit…Madeleine: In my defence! The soup was served in a tea cup! The team loved it which is the most important thing.

Goat’s head broth served in tea cups, an easy mistake to make…


Recipe Seeded Rye Cheese biscuits:


500g Rye flour

250g Wholemeal bread flour

425g water

75g milk

25g honey

15g salt

7g dried yeast

4g bicarbonate soda

Pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sesame seed, semolina and salt flakes for decorating.  I also sprinkle on cayenne pepper for a good hot hit.


1. Knead all the ingredients together for 8 minutes.

2. Leave to prove for 1 hour.

3. Roll out to 1-2mm thick, brush lightly with water sprinkle accordingly with toppings, then use cutters to cut into individual biscuits and place on a non-stick baking parchment or silicone mat sprinkled with semolina or rye flour.  Leave for 30mins before baking.  Turn the oven on to 170°C.

4. Bake in the oven for 20mins, keep an eye and remove when they are just beginning to darken, they should be crispy when cooled.

5. Cool on wire racks.  Enjoy with cheese and pickle…yummy!

Goat on the barbecue (plus intestines, mmmm)


A plate full of intestines, I’ll give it a miss thanks



Clever… how to travel with a kid on a motorbike-taxi


3 thoughts on “Cath Kidston in Kenya and Seeded Rye Cheese Biscuits….

  1. What a great find! The stuff Mango Patch makes is really pretty…it sounds just like your kind of thing…perfect for the bakery! We can just imagine it now 🙂
    Dan, Ariana and Pete

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