Almond and Raisin Sourdough


We haven’t see her smile before, I guess when you’re in so much pain smiling is not high on the agenda. She is only seven and has been through a harrowing week. When we saw her in the clinic last week she was brought in kicking and screaming, her eye a mess having had an unfortunate encounter with friends playing with a machete.

Today, one of our team is helping her get transport back home having spent four days with them in the hospital ensuring she was adequately looked after. She is pain free, wearing an Arsenal beanie hat and a smile. She may never see again from that eye but at least now her risk of serious infection and loss of the eye all together has been drastically reduced. Cosmetically she may be unnoticeably different to the untrained eye – we hope.

We were delayed getting going this morning but once we hit the road (a good hour after the equipment van) we were all raring to go.

I was delighted when we arrived at the clinic site (a church) to see those who had gone ahead had already set up all the equipment perfectly and the the patients were already being attended to. We have a fragile optimism at present. Things are running really well but we are always aware  that challenges can be just around the corner. This is the land of the unexpected.


“Two planes, I want two planes” Lucas runs around the flat, I sit down for a welcome coffee break and wonder how Andrew is doing. We hardly got any sleep last night, finally getting to bed at 12.30am but lay there awake with excitement. My cousin Matt, Donna (his wife) and their sons George and Jack (two of Lucas’ favourite people in the world) are all booked on to the same planes as us when we fly back to Kenya after Andrew’s sister’s wedding. We explained to Lucas this morning that we will be going on two planes with them via Dubai so he spent all morning asking to go on “two planes” with George and Jack, I think its very difficult understanding time when you are two!  I really cant wait to see all the boys excitement at the airport, never mind when they see all the animals!


Bakery Update

We received a really positive email from the Ujima Foundation director and will be meeting next week to discuss how we might work together. Exciting times!

Recipe – Almond and Raisin Sourdough



100g strong white bread flour

125g water

10g starter

Final dough:

100g raisins

100g almonds

480g strong white bread flour

160g whole wheat flour

400g water

Add in all of the Pre-ferment

16g salt

3g dried yeast


  1. The night before making prepare the pre-ferment by simply mixing the ingredients together with a spoon and leaving in a warm area overnight.
  2. The next day first prepare the raisins by soaking them in boiling water for 30mins then drain.  Prepare the almonds by roasting them at 150°C for 10minutes.
  3. The next day to make the final dough, mix the flours, water, pre-ferment, yeast and salt together and either knead for 12 minutes or use a dough hook on a low speed for 10minutes, then add the almonds and raisins, followed by a little more kneading until all well combined.
  4. Bring the dough together into a round and leave or place in a bowl covered with cling film.  Leave to prove until doubled in size.
  5. When ready shape either by folding into a loaf and placing in a loaf tin, or use a proving basket, leave to prove for another hour or so until ready to bake.
  6. Place in the oven at 220°C for 30minutes with a tray of water at the bottom.
  7. When crisp and hollow sounding remove form the oven and cool on a wire rack.

This is one of my favourite breads I hope you enjoy it, its so yummy toasted with butter for breakfast!

Lucas enjoying some for breakfast


Junior Masterchef in his awesome apron from Sarah and Rich – Thank you x



Patients being registered at today’s eye clinic


It was pretty cramped and hot in here but between us we did well over 150 examinations


A patient’s granddaughter sits on an equipment box and happily chomps away on a chapati  


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