Cardamon and Mango Teacakes and tangawizi mbichi in my eyes


Lucas is running up and down the steps around some grassy areas, he stops, scratches his bum, starts to run again  but stops and scratches further, ‘hurt mummy hurt’! I wip his trousers off and right in his crotch is the offending safari ant! These are BIG ants, they don’t bite but pinch! And ouch they hurt, from my experience doing the girly yelp seemed the best action to take when one pinched under my armpit so I fully empathise with Lucas!

The tangawizi mbichi (ginger) powder, well that was kind of my fault, Lucas loves to smell all the spices as they are being added to cooking. I got a bit excited and some lept up into his eyes, 10 minutes later, Lucas was taking after his Daddy and dipping his hands in his cup of water and washing his eyes!! If only Daddy could have seen this! A true mix of the 2 of us 🙂

It’s been a successful week in the field and project roof garden seems to be following suit, the chillies and tomatoes germinated in 48 hours!! Get that! I didn’t even have to explain to Lucas how we have to wait and wait to see any seedlings! Very exciting!

Last week, staffing the bakery was on my mind a lot. At the weekend we enquired further into staff training at our favourite get away, a really simple but beautiful lodge with views over the crater. We think the hospitality staff there are the best in Nakuru.  It turns out they are partnered with a foundation who offer an intense training programme for orphans aged 18-23 caring for two or more younger siblings, they run the on the job training and work hard to find them further work placements and secure them long term employment.  Their name, “Ujima” is Swahili and means “giving back to the community”, we have the directors details and hope to be in touch this week to discuss further and learn from them as well as looking at the possibility of partnering up. Watch this space…


We eventually convince her to let me examine her on the slit lamp. She is only seven years old, clearly in desperate pain and intimidated by all the equipment and attention. She sits on her mother’s knees and holds the slit lamp as though it is a picky picky (motorbike). As I look at the magnified view of her left eye, I see something that no longer resembles an eye but a disrupted mess. The cornea (the front window) has a slice straight through it and has collapsed, there is blood inside the eye and because the capsule holding her lens has been penetrated, a white cataract has formed.

Six days earlier, playing with her friends, she was hit in the eye with a machete. The machete is used to cut the fields and many are in arms reach of children who find ways to entertain and fill their days. Sadly for this little girl, this game will undoubtedly change the course of her life.

We give her some anesthesia and medication to try and prevent infection. There is little hope the eye will be see again, realistically we can attempt to reform the eye, hope it will not cause pain, prevent it becoming infected (the infection can spread beyond the eye) and improve the long-term appearance. We have sent her to the local eye unit for a repair and covered the costs of treatment through the sponsorship.

What is hard to take in is that this will likely have a profoundly negative impact on her education, self-confidence, appearance, chances of marriage and employment in the future.

The village chief and parents of the injured child and parents of the child who swung the machete later approach our team. They want retribution and want to know how the family should be compensated. I explain that monetary compensation will not help and that they should do everything in their power to prevent kids getting these types of injuries from now on.

Interestingly, in the course of the day we saw five other elderly patients who were blind in one eye from injury. Don’t do DIY without safety glasses on!

Recipe – Mini Cardamon and Mango Teacakes

Recipe as on Tea cake blog.


Add half tsp cardamom to the biscuits

Chopped up dried mango

Silicone cake pop tray – makes 20


I made these in just the same way as the original tea cakes but with cardamom added to the dry ingredients in the biscuit base and I rolled them out to 2-3mm thick.  After I had piped the marshmallow into the cool chocolate frame I added 2 small pieces of dried mango, being careful not to over fill.

There was a lot of marshmallow left over so you could either half the ingredients or use it in pancakes or as icing on cupcakes, whatever you feel like.  I also found the marshmallow worked with two tbsp honey rather than syrup, its not quite so set but fine for this use!

Enjoy with a cuppa so nice just a biteful and not too overpoweringly sweet.


This lady’s right eye has had cataract surgery and her left needs it 

cataract and pseudophakia

A field being worked on just next to our clinic


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