Welcome Home. Olive, Halloumi and Pumpkin Seed Spelt Bread Sticks

Olicve and hallumi spelt bread

“Welcome home”

I have a sinking feeling, my mind races to when I last had it, my mind clears and a mental picture develops, it is too far away now. I feel annoyed with myself for not checking my bag before we left, out of the window is an incredible view of the rift valley being soaked by a dramatic rain cloud, we are over two hours from Nairobi on our way to Nakuru and the rains are coming and there is no chance of turning back…  The beloved little blue tractor is gone, sunk to the bottom of the toddler swimming pool, chugging away with no little Lucas to play with. 😦


I feel for Lucas as he had so much fun with the Tractor, he asks again, “Kak-tor?” thankfully he continues to clutch ‘little pig’. Whilst I’m thinking of ‘blue tractor’ distractions I see Lucas’ little face light up with the familiar look of pure glee ‘Tuk tuk, blue tuk tuk”  he points excitedly at the rattling little engine outside of our car.  We are nearly home and I know life is going to be okay without the ‘little blue Tractor’.

Thankfully we had a great journey, no overweight bags or excessive amounts of eye equipment, check in was smooth. A really helpful BA customer service person moved our seats so we had the toddler seats with the more leg room! We managed a non-rushed breakfast at Carluccios and this time we got to drink our coffees.


‘Karibu’, ‘Karibu’ There is another knock at the door, it’s Redempta the eye project manager, we hug and our smiles fill the room, we are already chatting with our friends Kate and Jonny, who surprised us by popping round.  Lucas is off playing with their daughter Eowyn, we are briefly updated on the past 7 weeks and we feel positive and excited about the months ahead. The sun is shining, although we are told the sun has not come out for a few weeks as it is the rainy season!  Apparently we have brought the sun, as if!!


It has been at times busy but great being back in the UK. It has been productive, Andrew was interviewed by the BBC last Thursday, we’ll keep you posted with what comes of it. There has been meetings to organise the branding of the phone technology, in short the London Tropical School have been incredible to take on organising patents for the new gadgets involved to ensure it will always be accessible at a low price.

There have been some very exciting developments on another front….if we haven’t told you already! We have become close friends with an incredible family living in our compound. They are providing land and will purpose build  the bakery for free!….to be continued on a future blog!

We are overwhelmed at how generous YOU guys have all been. Once the generous donations from our talk in Cholsey (where we used to live) which were amazingly matched by an anonymous donor from St Mary’s church (in Cholsey) we will have exceeded our target of £10,000 to pay for all the eye care treatment of those people who are diagnosed as part of the study.  This is just incredible, thank you again  for your massive generosity! Whilst we’ve been away 29 more people have had surgery and their sight restored.

Recipe – Spelt Halloumi, Olive and Pumpkin Seed Bread Sticks

I made these for the talk in Cholsey


500g wholegrain spelt
400ml water
7g dried yeast
6g salt
200g olives
125g halloumi cheese chopped into small cubes
50g pumpkin seeds


1. In a bowl add the flour, yeast, salt (opposite side to the yeast) and water, bring together with your hands and knead in the bowl for 2-3minutes.  Its a very wet mixture and spelt is low in gluten so does not need much kneading.
2.Fold in the olives, halloumi and pumpkin seeds.
3. Leave to proove for about an hour with Clingflim over the bowl until about double in size.
4. Once prooved sprinkle a good amount of flour over the surface, tip the wet mixture onto the flour covered surface and stretch into a rectangle about 30-40cm by 20cm. Using a knife cut in half then quarters, eights and finally into 16 strips of dough.
5.With floured hands pick each lengh of doough up stretch a little or squash if fitting into a tray then place well spaced apart onto baking trays lined with greaseproof paper sprinkled with flour.
6. Leave to rise for 30mins to 1hour then place in the over at 220C for 10-15mins, depending on how crispy you like them.
7.On removing from the oven, place on a wired rack.
8.Eat ASAP…yummy!

3 thoughts on “Welcome Home. Olive, Halloumi and Pumpkin Seed Spelt Bread Sticks

  1. Hi Mad, Baz, Lucas!! Congratulations on all your work and achievements in Africa, I’ve been keeping up to date with your blog and you guys are amazing, doing such incredible work! And such beautiful pictures!
    Love the Aussie Mccutcheons!

  2. Welcome back guys, it was great to see you while you were here – and great news that you’ve reached your £10000 target. We wish you success over the next few months, love to Lucas

    Love from Dilys and David

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