Banana Flour Banana Bread…


I have a sinking feeling in my stomach, I can’t stop thinking I’ve forgotten something. The team are all getting in to the bus and we are already late. The Banana Bread! I left it on the table and Madeleine was up to some crazy hour getting it ready – she will kill me! I have to make a decision and make it fast. I tell the guys I’ll be back in a few minutes. I wave down a “piki piki”, motorbike taxi, and jump on the back. The roads are poor and it is much quicker on a bike to get to our flat less than 2 miles away. Dust kicks up behind us and before I know it I’m opening our front door and receiving an inquisitive look from Madeleine and Lucas. It is only at this moment that Madeleine realises what is going on. With a roll of her eyes and a good bye kiss, I am told I have been awarded a “Man Point” for my valiant efforts. Enough of these points and I might be allowed to watch some of the Rugby in town.

Ailsa spent the previous day with our advance team. The role of the advance team is to find as many of the patients from 5 years ago and persuade them to come the examination centre (wherever that may be) the next day. Patients undergoing a reading/near vision test and are given free reading glasses the next day when they attend. We also offer them free treatment should it be needed.


“Tuk tuk!”, Lucas chirps as he scrambles up the sofa like a monkey, perching on the arm of the chair which he grips with his feet and leans across to the window bars beaming with excitment as he admires the passing tuk tuk.  Lucas spots a car, I peer into the wing mirror from three stories up, I can’t quite see the driver as the car parks beneath our apartment, a Mzungo appears from the back of the car. This time I jump off the chair, hugging Lucas and calling for daddy, I open the door and run down the stairs encouraging Lucas to practise saying his ail-sa, our close friend Ailsa has finally arrived we are all very excited!

That afternoon we head to the national park gate, Lucas spots the “baa boons” and the monkies, then points to his own backside as if asking where his tail is. I think it’s official he’s a monkey.

On the bakery note I was introduced to a lovely lady, a nutritionist who it turns out her daughter-in-law’s father is a wheat farmer here in Kenya and has been approached by the very popular bakery in Nairobi for stoneground flour, his brother is an ophthalmologist who set up a very well know eye hospital here in Kikuyu and their father started the flying doctors which then became AMREF (African Medical and REsearch Foundation) whom we are working with! It looks like baking and eyes have previous links and we have a very helpful contact from whom we could get good quality wheat flour!

It’s 9pm and I haven’t started baking for tomorrows village. I found banana flour a few weeks back and have been waiting to use it. With limited ingredients and limited time I needed to bake something simple yet tasty. This is a bit of a bizarre recipe as I had to improvise, it contains mango and courgette! It’s also gluten free, fat free and tastes yummy!

Recipe – Banana Flour Banana Bread


Recipe Banana flour banana bread!


140g very squashy mashed bananas

2 medium eggs

100g dark sugar

40g icing sugar

75g courgette grated

75g mango grated

150g banana flour (sorry I have no idea where to get this in the UK)

2 tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1tsp cinnamon



1. Line a loaf tin with baking parchment and turn the oven on to 180C.

2. Whisk the eggs and sugars for 3 minutes on high speed until about quadrupled in size.

3. Whisk in the mashed banana, and grated courgette and mango.

4. Beat in the flour, baking agents, vanilla and spice until well combined.

5. Pour in to your prepared tin and lace in the middle of the oven for 45 minutes.

The team enjoying the banana bread


I think this is possibly the coolest hair style I’ve ever seen


A grandma with a grandchild snoring away on her back whilst being examined


At the back of our temporary eye clinic three kids chill in a wheel barrow


Some pictures from our roaming photographer Ailsa as she joins the advance team





Nap time at the local school.  I couldn’t see Lucas doing this when he get to school!


3 thoughts on “Banana Flour Banana Bread…

  1. More fab stories 🙂
    Looks like you can buy banana flour online (of course!), so I might have to get some and give the gluten- fat- free bread a try. We are trying to have a healthy new year, but failing miserably!!
    Can’t wait to see you in the UK next month xxxxxx

  2. So after watering the plants, getting 4 mosquito bites and finding a whole load of mosquito larvae about to cause more chaos; I came inside to find that our bananas were going orf rather quickly as usual. So I opened the laptop to google banana bread recipes. However, as a slightly better than average procrastinator I checked my email first and found this! Great. Although I don’t know where to get courgettes (or banana flour) and there is no “online” here! 😦

  3. Hey Guys

    Looks like all is going well!
    Just shown Gracie and Archie the pics of Lucus – Gracie just commented on the amazing hair and Archie didn’t even recognise him….Very Handsome! x

    Sending you all loads of love. Cholsey still the same hub of excitement!

    Paul, Lucy, Gracie and Archie xxxxxx

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