Up and running with Kimbia Bars


At 2000m above sea level the cool early morning breeze is refreshing and I’m enjoying feeling fit, my legs dodge the stones poking up over the potholed un-tarmacked road.  A school bus chugs past us kicking up all the dust around my face, the sun appears over the hill and the rays are strong on our faces, we are greeted by school children at every corner dressed in an array of coloured gingham and little pack packs.  I’m so thankful I can get out running here.

We are in training for the 3rd March when Andrew and I will run the Goring –on-Thames 10km road race blind folded, 5km each whilst the other leads. The proceeds will go towards paying for eye care here.  £40 will pay for cataract surgery and restore someone’s sight.  To encourage good reliable follow-up of the patient we are putting together a way to sponsor eye treatment for a particular person at the district hospital, each sponsor will receive follow–up of the patient operated on and the patient will have an opportunity, however little to pay it forward towards another persons surgery.

Would anyone like to be involved? Either to run with us, support from the road side or whatever you feel inspired to do – you don’t have to be blind folded, that is just to challenge us. It is now 3 weeks in to January and many of those new year resolutions will have been forgotten  well this would give you an aim to get fitter?  Run and be sponsored? Sponsor us? Or do anything else to join in the spirit of it! IF you do want to run you could join our team, let us know and we will add you on. To find out more click here: BLINDFOLDED RUN

I have also entered the Marlow half marathon on 24th March, another beautiful run with my Canadian running partner who will be visiting the UK on her way back to Canada.  I won’t be raising any money for this run but if you would like to join in for fun or raise money for your particular cause or for eye care here’s all the details! MARLOW HALF MARATHON

Rather than buy some of those supermarket processed “energy bars” we decided to make our own. We call these Kimbia Bars (Kimbia is Run in Kiswahilli)


5 clusters down, 95 to go! A much needed energy boost came from these Kimbia Bars. Back in the field tomorrow for number 6….

Recipe: Kimbia bars


125g Rolled oats

50g Wheat flakes

50g Dried apricots

50g Dates

25g Saltanas

20g Linseeds

25g Almonds

35g Cashew nuts

80ml orange juice

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence


1. Weigh out all the fruit and nuts and cut the fruit into little cubes and the nuts roughly crush in a bag.  Pre-heat oven to 160ºC.

2. Add in the oats and wheat flakes and mix.

3. Over a gentle heat melt the honey and sugar into the orange juice then add in the vanilla essence.

4. Pour the honey mixture over the dry ingredients and mix well until all ingredients covered.

5. Cover a 18cm by 25cm tin with tinfoil and lightly grease with vegetable oil.  Pour the ingredients into the tinfoiled tin and squash down with your finger tips with slightly wet hands until firm all the way round.

6. place in the over for about 30mins until crispy and golden, allow to cool before cutting into squares.


2 thoughts on “Up and running with Kimbia Bars

  1. I am in for the Goring but not the half….my knee is still not fully recovered yet from the last one of those!!! 🙂 Will be training more in the pool than on the track but it is all the same right!!! xx

  2. You are so wonderful but like your Kimbia bars, quite nutty! If we are around we’ll be waving and a-cheering. I’m jotting down the recipe to make this one with the chaps and will let you know how we get on.We do miss you so much. xx

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